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The Year Ahead

Put this on your calendar:

  • October 10th,  11AM – Junior Cohort Meeting (Zoom)

  • Wednesday, October 13th – PSAT's

    • You should have already spoke with your guidance office and gotten signed up for these. If you haven’t, do so NOW!

  • This is the last full year that colleges will see before they accept you – It is imperative that you work hard and do well.

  • Take the most rigorous courses you can.

  • Be active in your preparation for college! This is going to be a busy year for you…

  • Attend as many college tours as you can that are appropriate.

  • New England Student Leadership Conference (postponed).

  • Discover Essays – Due January 16th.

  • Junior Essay and Matrix – Due January 30th.

  • TRIO Day in Vermont – February 16-18th.

  • Plan to attend if you can!

  • Green Mountain Scholars Bowl – March 6th, NVU.

  • College Fair – April 6th, NVU-Lyndon.

  • JFK Leadership Conference – April 15th – 16th.

  • SATs – May 6th.

    • We will have a review session the weekend before!

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