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BUILDING                           EXPECTATIONS, 

           CHANGING                           REALITIES

As an educational opportunity program, Upward Bound is committed to providing educational opportunities that help students become better candidates for college entrance and success. All Upward Bound participants have the potential to excel in college and reaching that goal requires serious effort, good attendance and a healthy attitude. To support these efforts Upward Bound provides a number of services and opportunities to help students make appropriate decisions. In turn, each Upward Bound student is expected to take full advantage of opportunities that make sense for them, and fulfill our requirements. Additionally, we also evaluate student participation, academic progress and students’ educational goals regularly. 

While our main priority is helping students navigate the road to college, we also take full interest in helping each student become the best that they can possibly be. We recognize that first generation, moderate income high school students might not necessarily have the means to explore different parts of the country or explore new activities or interests. This is why it is important for us to offer cultural, social and leadership activities that get students out of their small Vermont towns, gaining real world exposure, and developing important skill sets. This helps students broaden their perspectives, become more knowledgeable about the world around them, explore new interests and become more confident and engaged. It also helps students become better citizens in their communities, build leadership skills, explore career interests and become a more well rounded college applicant. On top of having a decent transcript, a well rounded applicant to college typically has a decent amount of social and cultural capital and is a leader in their school and communities. Taking advantage of these events and participating in our residential summer program will also ease the transition to college. 

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