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Lyndon Upward Bound


  • 100% of project participants served during the project year continued in school for the next academic year at the next grade level.

  • 96% of participants served during the project year had a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better on a four point scale at the end of the school year.

  • 100% of seniors have graduated from secondary school with a regular secondary school diploma.

  • 96% of all current Lyndon Upward Bound participants in the 2020 Cohort enrolled in postsecondary education by fall term immediately following expected high school graduation.

  • 100% of all current and prior year UB participants, who at the time of entrance into the project had an expected high school graduation date in the school year, completed a rigorous secondary school program of study and graduated with a regular secondary school diploma.

  • 74% of the 2013 Cohort to matriculate to college attained an associate’s or bachelor’s degree within 6 years of high school graduation.

Annual Performance Report

This past December we completed and submitted our Annual Performance Report (APR) to the US Department of Education. While completing this report, we were once again thrilled to see just how successful our students are — and the federal government was also pleased to see that we were putting their federal tax dollars to good use!  Every day, our current students and our college alums are working hard to make their postsecondary dreams a reality!

We encourage students to take a minute to think about what they have been involved in this year with us, and think even harder about the ways they can continue their involvement with Upward Bound in the new  year. Even with a world wide pandemic, our students are thriving in college! Here are a few highlights from this year’s APR!


  • 73 students participated in the Upward Bound program during the past year

  • 68% of our students scored above the national average SAT score, and our senior class scored an average equal to that of families with a $200,000 income (Senior SAT average 1062)!

  • We retained 100% of our students last year

  • 55% of our active students are on their school’s honor roll

  • 25% are in the National Honor Society

  • 11% were member of their school’s student government

  • The Upward Bound Scholarship Fund awarded over $8,600.00 to 72 college students! 

  • 86% of our students enrolled in college immediately after High School (our lowest percentage ever!)

  • 67% of our alums from the 2014—2016 cohorts have graduated from college

  • From 2014-2020, 75% of Upward Bound students that are still attending or

  • have graduated college!  OUSTANDING!


We have some of the very best students in Vermont and we are very proud of their accomplishments.  But, we still have a lot of work to do.  We always want students to strive for honor roll at their schools but we also want them to take the toughest classes that they can do well in.  Most colleges look at only your  college preparatory course work before they admit you  and we know that our students are thriving at the colleges they attend! The more you are involved with us, the easier your transition into college will be! 

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